Phantom review sites and how they’re scamming us all – Google included

I got an email from a savvy business owner the other day, asking about reviews she had found listed on her Google My Business page. Google has “found” two “reviews” for my site and attached them to our google+ page. They are not what I consider reviews, and they are for another site which is […]

How some (bad) businesses angle for good reviews

Consumer reviews are important for your local business, but you can take it too far. This 4 min vid shows how some companies have taken reviews too seriously, and gone foul. Warning: 30 second ad first. So that’s the US, what about Australia? In Australia sadly I see businesses getting fake reviews, so someone’s making […]

Customer reviews under review

As local businesses become more aware of how important reviews are for the future of their business, sites like Yelp, Google, TrueLocal and womo become a key part of their marketing mix. For all the good those sites do, there’s always someone who tries to game a system. And sadly, that happens on both sides […]

Gain control of your online reputation in seven steps

If you are in business it is more than likely that your clients, potential clients and business partners will Google you at some stage to check out your reputation. It is important for your success in business that you have your online reputation well-managed. Try these seven steps:  Google your own name and your business […]

Get ready for Zagat, Melbourne

Never heard of Zagat? Don’t sweat, it is relatively new to Australia. So new in fact, the first ever voting period for Sydney restaurants and Sydney attractions only launched on May 21, 2012. So what is Zagat? Zagat is an online review site which combines the opinions of your customers to provide an overall profile […]